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Sportswear, covers and other equipment


DAGsport offers sportswear, covers and other equipment prestigious companies DIsport/producer's prices/:




Sweatshirts and trousers with fleece windstoper.

Jerseys,T-shirts and Lycra Leggings of the thermo.

Wind jackets stopwatch with nylon.




Jerseys,T-shirts and leggings with micro-fleece.

T-shirt and leggings thermo active breathability.

T-shirts and leggings special ridged.




Neoprene blouse with spray deck for kayak polo and kayak recreation.

Termal rehabilitation,neopren slimming shorts.

Termal rehabilitation slimming belt.



Standard body/sholders/.

Body short sleeve with a zipper.

Body of legs:the standard and short sleeve.

T-shirts,shorts and leggings.




Nylon sweatshirts/KTD,KTK/and nylon trousers.

Jackets:standard and with a zipper and with a neoprene.

Nylon fleece jackets with the wind stopwatch.


2.Kayaks and paddles covers and another equipment

Kayak's covers


Professional/three-layered and standard/waterproof/covers for kayaks: k-1,k-2,k-4.

Covers for semi-racing kayaks.

Covers for sea kayaks and tourist kayaks.

Covers for canoes.

Paddle's covers


Professional three-layered for two kayak paddles.

Professional three-layered for one long or half and half kayak paddles.

Professional three-layered  for  canoe paddles.

Live jakets:standard and special


Standard life jackets for racing kayakers and recreation.

Special life jackets for children and to competing in a marathon kayak.

Spray decks:standard and marathon


Spray decks standard with neoprene belt.

Spray decks standard year-long/thik material/.

Start spray decks,very light.

Spray decks for marathon with neoprene and other.

Gloves:standard and neopren


Professional kayak gloves single and double layered,waterproof.

Kayak neoprene gloves.

Professional canoe gloves single and double layered,waterproof.