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Knowledge of kayaking and forecasting


Canoing history

Canoing history dates back to ancient times,many people have used the boat in everyday life fighting for survival.

Kayak name comes from "qajaq" Inuit people.

Modern form of sports competition initiatied by Englishman John MacGregor in 1865 on a canoe "Rob Roy",and in 1866 he founded The British Royal Canoe Club.

One of the first section of canoeing on the continent established in Wroclaw in 1881,the first race was held rallies.

Polish athletes actively involved in a sport canoe,and the first start in Olympic Games was in Berlin in 1936.In many decades Polish canoing has become one of the strongest sport disciplines.More success reported in

World and European Championships buy also via a particularly enobling in the Olympic Games were and are great achievements.

Polish Olympic canoeing medalists are:Izabela Dylewska,Daniela Walkowiak,Aneta Pastuszka,Beata Mikolajczyk,Beata Sokolowska,Karolina Naja,Piotr Markiewicz,Maciej Frejmut,Wojciech Kurpiewski,Marek Lbik,Marek Dopierala,Jerzy Opara,Andrzej Gronowicz,Pawel Baraszkiewicz,Daniel Jedraszko,Krzysztof Kolomanski,Michal Staniszewski,Grzegorz Kotowicz,Dariusz Bialkowski,Stefan Kaplaniak,Wladyslaw Zielinski,Wladyslaw Szuszkiewicz,Rafal Piszcz,Adam Seroczynski,Marek Witkowski.

Great figures of Polish canoes were and are the World Champions at the Olympic distances:Maria Cwiertniewicz,Elzbieta Urbanczyk,Barbara Hajcel,Grzegorz Sledziewski,Marek Twardowski,Ivan Klementiev,Ryszard Oborski,Adam Wysocki,Daniel Welna,Grzegorz Koltan,Henryk Budzicz,Marcin Kobierski,Michal Sliwinski,Piotr Siemionowski.

The biggest stars of the global canoeing were,eight times Olympic gold medalist Birgit Fisher from Germany and six times Olympic gold medalist Gert Fredriksson from Sweden.

Canoing sports

There are many kinds of canoeing:

classic,wild water,canoe-polo,frestyle kayaking,sailing canoe,kayak recreation and related forms.



DAGsport supports classic canoeing,wild water canoring and kayak recreation.

Classic and wild water canoeing is grown on the track special regatta cources,natural cources and open water.

In the Olympic Games classical kayakers compete in the sprint competition:women over distances of k-1 200m and 500m,k-2 500m,k-4 500m,men over distances of k-1 200m and 1000m,k-2 200m and 1000m,k-4 1000m,c-1 200m and 1000m,c-2 1000m and wild water kayakers compete in slalom canoeing:k-1 women,k-1 men,c-1 and c-2 men.

Every year the World and European Championships are an important step in preparation to Olympic Games,Starts program includes more competition and distances which comprehensively assesses the level of sports athletes,teams and individual national federations.

In the World and European Championships are also held competitions kayakers with disabilities.

One on the classic canoeing competition is a kayak marathon with its own series of competitions including the World and European Championships.

His championships also take place each continent.

The theory of training in canoeing

Canoeing is a sport that requires strenght and endurance excellent psycho-motor skills.

Shaping the athlete progresses above long-term cycle called the Training Process.

The Training Process has many years of Training Macrocyles,Yearly Training Cycles,Training Mesocycles,Training Microcycles,Training Days and Trainings.

Sports training is understood as a process of scientific and pedagogical procedure,nultiple plugs for a special adaptation of the body leads to  the championschips class athlete.Assumption is that the rational management of sports training requires the use of objective fitness development plans.

The proper Training Process is carried by stages.The stages are:initial training,primery training and technical training.In basic canoeing initial training includes specific diversity but training is always overall-development provided as a basic for long-term preparation for sports hight level.Primary training is a continuation of the overall basic development process with increasing planed a large amount of technical training.The trainings at this stage are carried out on the basis of designated training cycles.When primary stage is over the athlete must be national master class.In the technical training we shape the individual and the optimal athletes sports level.The training is a technical form of Training Process,as all training measures,training methods and other activies improve the highest level of sport an lead to an international master class.

In the stages of training differentiaded emphasis on training resources becouse of their impact.There are training resources preparation of a comprehensive,training resources preparation aimed at canoing and special technical training canoing resources.In the training stages the training methods are changing.In training the athlete motor characteristics are improved and paddling technique.In the training process the training load is like waves.The work is and restitution next.There is super-compensation increasing the athlete the psycho-moto-phisical level.Training load is directly proportional to the volume and intensity of training practice.



H = O x I


H - load

O- volume

I - intensity

Decades of training practice in which the assumptions used in the theory of Polish and foreign training regimen helped develop a athlete loads.

AAAAA        II        P

5      :     2    :   1

A - accumulation

I - intensiti

P - transformation

This pattern became the basis for the construction of B P S/Direct Preparation to Start/ and then to create an eight mesocykle Yearly Training Cycle.


Recruitment of properly guided canoeing athletes to take into account their physical grofth forecast.Forecast is made by means of interviewing:Anthropometric conditions of parents,social and living conditions of the family,as well as through science:medical,psycho-motor,anthropometric and others.When planning a training program should be considered close to specialize in canoeing.The difficulty of making a clear statement that the future will be canoeist sprinter or long-distance paddler.

The theoretical purpose of the trainig is model "Champion of Sport ".This is a athlete who has the proper implementation of the long-term training cycle at full readiness training and confirms the results of each stage of training.

Can predict the outcome of sporting destination using statistical methods in Olympic Macrocycle planning.Training load is planning and sport result.

Prime example in canoeing is Birgit Fisher. She has completed all of  the criteria proposed training process and achieved  the biggest championship.



Model "Champion of Sport" and Truth

The Polish canoeing athletes for the upcoming model "Champion of Sport" were Isabela Dylewska and Wojciech Kurpiewski.Both began their training at the age of so-called "Child Prodigy"/11-12 years/ and passed all stages of training.They were champions of Sport and Olympic medalists.At the  age junior were first in Polish senior competition.In this time Polish kayakers were one of the best in the world.

In other countries mainly the so-called "People's Democracy" carries out a number of Olympic medalists scheduled Training Process.

Currently,most of the world federation uses similar plan.Great system sport scores reach the national federation of the rich tradition of canoeing and high scientific approach to the development of the sport.

There are great results in countries where sports Canoeing is a relatively new discipline or in places where previously reported no success.But winning Olympic canoeist of China and New Zealand woman's Olympic success in London only confirm the validity of Planned Training Cycle.