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Organizational and staff training

Sport organization

In the canoeing sport activities carried out in the competition and are the main objectives of the comprehensive development of the athlete and his start in Olympic Games.

The indirect starts are World Championships,European Championships/continental/,National and Regional Championchips.Logistics organizes specyfic group of people the sports activists.

At the top of the sport is the International Olympic Committee,National Olympic Committees focusing and on the International Sports Federations and National Sports Federations.Primary activities of educational and sports are in the sports clubs.Since the level of knowledge and tradition of activists to come depends stockpile normal development and the power of sport and discipline.As a direct results of the Training Process is responsible the coach.

Head coach in Training Process

The coach is a Training Process head.From his knowledge and understanding of life depends on the development of raised and trained by his athletes.The trainer should be thoroughly trained in the field of physical culture,especially in his specialization,canoeing.

The duty of the modern coach is permanent training and the use of achievements of the exact scientes.

Depending on the level of knowledge,practices and performance his athletes the trainers receive sports coaching class:II,I and Special/Master Class/.

These classes are uptated trainers licences.

Doctor and wellness

Properly implemented training process must be carried out under the strict supervision of a doctor of sports and use of the broader health wellness.The doctor verifies the ability to practice the sport and athlete's health control.Estimated function tests and special studies of physiological,biochemical and biomechanical.Analyzes the potential biological effects of the body,idicating a diet and decide on supporting the nutrients and vitamins.

Another important element is the renenewal of physiological wellness.The training hight load causes many changes in the body athlete,and further adaptation to the efforts asked.

The phenomenon topping the physical capabilities of the body is called Supercompensation.The wellness facilitates to adaptation of the accelerating processes of compensation and excess levels of organic compounds.

The main means of wellness are all kinds of physiotheraphy,rehabilitation and other pharmacological treatments and Special/unconventional/.

Pay attention to the specificity of training highly qualified girls and women.In the speed-strenght training women bridging observed in the methodology of sports training in relation to men.Resolving the problems of training of girls and women should be concireded taking into account the phenomenon of physiology and characteristics of the women's body.

The main objectives training process applies equally to men and women.

Special attention to the trainer and the doctor requires periodicity of many different physiological functions depending on the menstrual cycle hormonal changes.In the days before menstruation observed an increase in basal metabolic rate and deterioration response to training load.In the next few days to compensate for these changes and remain at a similar level for remaining days of the cycle.In 7-10 days after menstruation,muscle strenght and endurance increase.Particular attention should be paid to the problem of efficiency of the organism at the time of menstruation.It depends on health,fitness,the scale  load and others.In healthy gynecological women training loads and starts at the time did not cause any adverse changes in the body.You can train and compete in competitions.

In training practice has been observed that women have a highter tolerance to the psychomotor training loads as men.

Other branches of science in Training Process

The training should be permanently monitored with the participation of science.

The main research is conducted with the participation of medicine,physiology and biochemistry.

Biomechanical and psychological tests are performed.

Be carried out before the start of training cycles.The fitness is checked and any changes in the body and verified correctners of training assumptions.

There is also an ongoing monitoring.They are medical,physiological function tests,clinical chemistry and more.If necessary psychological support is granted.

Scientific monitoring of our workout,we can create more value in creating the theory of sports training.