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Selection system and athletes

Natural and organized selection

Selection of sports is the right choice for young people to the sport,who trained sports can get Sports Championship.

The model can be called "Champion Model" with all the features defining it.

Make way natural selection or organized.Natural selection is recruitment of individual initiatives,children,families and society,and the selection is carried out by organized institutions of physical culture.

The range of recruitment and efectiveness selection depend on the level of sport and discipline tradition in the community.


The selection criteria

The criteria for selection are:-a good health/high level of physical performance,high resistance to disease/,

-a construction of somatic/long torso,broad shoulders,long upper arms/,

-a physical and mental fitness/well-developed motor characteristics,very good motor coordination,mental strenght for long-term physical activity/,

-a motivation/need to develop them for examples of outstanding athletes and prominent people from everyday life/,

-a motor skills and motor knowledge/are additional features of the physical elements of the flow of traffic,feline agility/,

-a pace of biological organism development/biological age differences tend to be with regard to the current century,the calendar are also differences in the gender/.

Canoeists representatives anthropometric somatic types:

- H/modified/,broud shoulders,long upper limbs,a long torso,wide hips,short legs

- Athletic/modified/,broud shoulders,long upper,a long torso,narrow hips,short legs

- Mixed/combination of features types,H,Athletic and Leptosomic/

Sprint athletes

The Olympic Games in London took of canoeist in being played for many years 200m competition.

It is a strenght and a speed competition requires excellent technical skills and excellent physical fitness.

The athletes have great absolute strenght/per kg of body weight/ and develop great powers during the paddling.

The physiologically these are phosfagene and anaerobic efforts the level of which virtually genetically determined.The same is true of the psycho-physical fitness.

The trainer has an impact on the selection of psycho-physical development,learning and perfectind techniques,building motivation and improving the athlete's physiological processes.

In recent years,they were the champions 200m distance riders with different physical conditions,however,the future will belong to the selected athletes somatic types H/modified/.The problem that may decide the future of this competition may be the health of athletes at the end of sports.There is concern that a large muscle mass with an average efficiency can lead to disturbances in the body.

Midle distance athletes

Canoe races 500m and 1000m are midle distance competition.A 500m competition are strenght-endurance efforts, and a 1000m competition are endurance-power efforts.The athletes 500m competition are somatic types of H/modified/ and Athletic/modified/,very high absolute power,very powerful paddling and very good paddling technique.Physiologically have a very high tolerance to disruption of homeostasis/anaerobic and mixed processes/.

The classic distance is a 1000m in canoeing.It is a very difficult competition that requires excellent preparation in every way.Leading athletes of the competition are a types of somatic Athletic/modified/.Physiologically,they are anaerobic-aerobic efforts,and the athletes have very high potential to absorb oxygen,oygen ceiling.

In the history of canoeing were outstanding champions who were able to overcome both these distances

Long distance athletes

The long-distance paddling is the main form of canoeing and is the basis for the rest of competition.

In the initial periods paddling training is learning,improving technique and building core endurance.In the stage of specialization further develop and improve the oxygen adaptation ot the  athtete's body.The long-training is an importent element in the preparatory period and most of the national federations organizing athletes prepare checks for Long Distance Championships.They are held over distances 5000m and 10000m.

Are the athletes to built a somatic Athletic/modified/or Athletic-Leptosomatic/modified/ who specialize in long distance races.They present a good paddling technique,the average absolute power,average level of paddling power and very high endurance/high maximum oxygen/.

Special long-distance competition is Canoe Marathon.Distance of 30-40km from the additional difficulty of kayak carrying/repeatedly getting out of the kayak,paddling gear and re/.The canoe marathon is the toughes long-distance competition requiring special psycho-physical preparation and proprer supplementation during the race.

Many canoeing champions also competed in canoe marathon.Were and are outstanding athletes who could win in a classic and marathon canoeing.