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Trening base

Water area

Base for canoeing are water areas,social infrastructure and sports equipment.

Canoeing is a sport naturally associated with nature and continues to serve people in their daily lives north.

We are kayak paddling on the Arctic seas,in the tropical jungles,the mountain rivers and waterfalls,as well as great lakes.Range of kayaking and canoeing large amount of make canoeing is an Olympic sport.

Classical canoeing training can be carried on virtually all ares of water,and take a loss cources of natural and artificial.

For the Olympic Games and champion events created super-modern regatta cources.One of them is great Polish Malta.

Sports facilities

The training process requires full protection of sports facilities necessary to carry out their daily work practice.

The main object of the training is functional canoe dock.It protects the conduct specialized training,paddling on kayaks and additional training in other training measures in the basic range.Further sports facilities include a gym,athletics track,sports hall and swimming pool.In a well-equipped gym will do various types of strenght training and aimed training at training simulators/kayaking ergometer and others/.On the athletic track will conduct controlled running training at distances.In the sports hall will fulfill general development classes in gymnastics and acrobatics and sports games.In swimming pool,improving the ability to swim and run workouts targeted duration of the workout,swimming crawl distances.

Sports equipment

The classic canoeing sports equipment primarily boats:k-1,k-2,k-4.c-1,c-2,c-4 and asymmetric kayak paddles and sided canoe paddles.

Kayaks and canoes must comply with standard norms of the World Federation of shape,lenght and weight.Modern boats and paddles are made of composites,carbon,kevlar,glass and combinations of these materials.

In imitating paddling training,targeted training simulators are used,ergometers and other specialized equipment.

In other sopplementary training using specialist equipment and personal training depends on the training means,training methods and individual exercises.

Conditions of social and living

Participation in sport competition and daily execution of the training process requires appriopriate social and living conditions.They are properly equipped sports facilities used to support the competition,landing kayaking and other sports facilities.

Scheduled training process is a combination of science,and further work and workouts.A dedicated School Sports Championship,used different types of relief works,funded athletic scholarships and sponsorships system for outstanding athletes.