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DAGsport help realize Your dreams

DAGsport offers selected models racing paddles:

1.Paddle model of DDR Germany/Potsdam-U.S.A./



Very good paddle for hight-class sprint athlets.

This is a laboratory modified by the Germans,the American model.

2.Paddle model of DDR Germany/Potsdam/



Specially developed by the German laboratory model of paddle designed for hight-class woman athlets and top juniors.

3.Paddle model of Hungary



Very good paddle for universal application,used by leading kayakers in the world.

4.Super paddle Bionicle model of Pastex



Modern super ergonomic paddle.used by leading kayakers in the world


DAGsport offers kayak accessories:footrest,seats,kayak transport handle, holder on the numbers and kayak numbers





This is the footrest of the Polish model of professional kayak,used by the leading athlets in canoing sport.





Functional,easy to use seat kayak,a modified American model. 

Kayak transport handle



Universal kayak handles.Two transport systems:standard and side.

Two models:standard and with the handle for paddle.

Holder for the numbers



The standard easy to use handles on the numbers to kayak and canoe.

Kayak numbers



ICF standard starting numbers for kayak and canoe.